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About Kat Indigo

"I found hope in - living with all three eyes open”

 What does the word ”indigo” mean to me and why Kat Indigo? The color indigo is deeply profound and ecstatically pleasing, but it is it's symbolism that truly resonates with me and my life's mission. Indigo is the color that symbolises deep intuition, consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, fairness, critical thinking and mystical energies. Indigo is most importantly the color that represents the third eye.


     You will never see me more fired up than when speaking about our pineal gland, the third eye. This magical city that exists in our mind that connects us to the universe and is our connection to the metaphysical. If I haven't lost you yet, you may have some knowledge on the topic, if not, I hope my poetry and work inspires you to look deeper within.   

   I believe we are all born into specific realities, our families, our era, our circumstances and surrounding culture, all to allow the groundwork to uncover our soul's truth and meaning. Through my own dark night of the soul and by becoming collateral damage in other's dark nights I have learned the importance of awareness. Through indigo we actually become witnesses to our lives and the inner workings of ourselves, rather than being sucked up into the automated vacuum of living unconsciously. I have a deep understanding of how ignoring our wisdom, refusing to see the truth and stumbling in the darkness of ignorance will impact our lives, which is something I do not wish upon anyone.

  Once I had the revelation of awareness and transcended my own shadow self I have found so much silent confidence, power and trust within myself. We are all continual works of art and the masterpiece of our lives is always welcoming more potential. The hope is to live with integrity and connection to the divine so we can grow closer to the best version of ourselves and inspire those around us to do the same.

       I have found that through my creativity I have been able to connect with parts of myself that silence nor noise could ever channel. Through my own honesty and vulnerability I have allowed space for those around me to also become vulnerable. As the great Dr. Gabor Maté says, “We live in a culture of invulnerability. Where vulnerability is punished and actually laughed at and demeaned. But, nothing grows without vulnerability. A plant doesn’t grow where it’s hard and thick, it grows where it’s green and soft and vulnerable”. That is why I am here sharing myself, all parts of myself, to heal my own wounds and to inspire others along their own healing journey. 

So please, come as you are and meet me as I am, because only through true human connection can we begin to heal the world.


“Indigo, to me, is far more than a word, it is a way of life, an innate vocation.”

- Katarina Bučić

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