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The Heart of Croatia

        The Heart of Croatia is a poetry blog guided by my experience of moving from the Western culture of Canada to the deeply historic and magical Croatia. This country has given me a second life. Her beauty overwhelms me, her history devastates me and her abundance inspires me. Join me in my tribute to this country I now call home and in the evolution of my experiences, and my immersion in her magnificence. 

Inspired by Indigo

       Inspired by Indigo is a poetry blog that allows me to channel the deep inner workings of my mind and intuition. I will be strung along by my creativity into many different topics, including human nature, consciousness, suffering, meaning, love, family and all of the ideologies and concepts that we face and question in our lives. I welcome you to join me in my investigation of life and to ask yourselves the same questions, who knows, together we may uncover some truths.

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