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Stone Doors

Updated: Jan 4

We build walls

where there used to be doors

This is the consequence

of so many wars

The hardening,

anything soft hidden in drawers

Love written in letters

underneath carpeted floors

Bad things don’t happen in threes,

they happen in fours

When destiny abandons you

washes you up on shore

It’s dangerous outside

so stay indoors

Until the fight is over

and peace restores.

- Katarina Bučić

I grew up in Canada and our safety seemed like a right, but I know now it was a privilege. War goes on for far longer than when it is declared over. The people of Croatia carry around wounds from battle, some visible, some naked to the eye but carried heavily in the heart. Although this country has overcome much and come a long way since its most recent war you are constantly reminded of the scars of the past. The side effects of war linger on for generations, like a fixed dark cloud. Peace is always the answer, for in war, we all lose.

- Katarina Bučić

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